Brian Balogh headshot against white background, to the right are the words "The Best of BackStory"

Best of BackStory

The Time Brian Balogh Went to a Monastery

As BackStory wraps up production, we’ve asked our hosts to select memorable moments from the show.  

A founding host of the show, Brian Balogh has discussed a range of topics with a lot of different people – academic historians, museum curators, and even politicians. But some of his favorite conversations have been with everyday people who have lived and engaged with history, sometimes in surprising ways. 

So in this edition of the “Best of BackStory,” Brian brings you three of his favorite interviews from his time at BackStory. You’ll hear from a member of a prison work crew, and find out what life is like behind the walls of a Catholic convent. Finally, you’ll learn about the American twist on a classic Mexican dish.

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