Grand Old Parties: A History of Partisanship

A History of Partisanship

When it comes to partisan politics, Americans are deeply conflicted. On the one hand, we complain that extreme polarization precludes the possibility for civil discourse. On the other, we”re nostalgic for a time when people really cared. We want an engaged citizenry without the deep fissures in the body politic, but can we have it both ways? Have we ever had it both ways?

On this special post-midterm election podcast, the Backstory hosts reflect on Americans’ distaste for contemporary politics. Has Washington sunk to a new low, or is it merely American-constitutional-democracy-as-usual? Does partisanship threaten to tear our society apart at the seams, or is keeping us together?

This podcast features a special guest appearance by syndicated radio talk show host Randi Rhodes, who explains what it’s like to be a liberal in an industry dominated by conservatives.

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