Riding a Pig by Alfred Stanley Johnson, 1916. Two girls wearing white dresses ride a pig, sitting back-to-back. One girl holds the pig’s tail and the other holds its ears. A boy pokes the pig’s haunch with a pitchfork. In front, a barefoot boy lures the pig down the road with a husk of corn. Red text in the upper left bears the inscription, “Scene on the road near Enok, Minn.” Source: Wisconsin Historical Society

Finding Americana

Butter Sculptures, Tiny Towns and Other Irresistible Gems

What could be more American than . . . butter carving? Maybe miniature roadside towns or perhaps a dead whale on a train. On this episode of BackStory, Ed, Brian and Nathan explore the best of Americana, finding the unique and the kitschy in American culture. (This show features two segments from previous episodes.)

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